DEAR EVE FAMILY - The annual retail sales slump is upon us. In order to keep flying, ETC needs to drop some cargo. Therefore, as of June 1st 2015, ETC will not be restocking 6 x PLEX, 12 x PLEX, or Starter Packs. ETC will continue to sale 1 x PLEX and 2 x PLEX as long as I remain un-podded.
I am so very thankful for every single one of you and ETC will continue to offer a free PLEX with every $250 purchased for as long as possible.
Warmest of all the regards,Diana.

BIG BRUISERS FROM EVE - Four of the most iconic spaceships from EVE Online available now at QMXonline.

SUMMER 2015 NULLSEC AND SOV STATUS REPORT - Find out about the new Entosis Link module, Defense Multiplier, and Asset Vulnerability Window in the latest Nullsec & Sov Status Report.

SHIP CUSTOMIZATION - The new visual customization system for the spaceships of New Eden is here! More than 100 brand new ship SKINs have been added to the New Eden Store.
Permanent and character-bound, SKINs can now be changed on the fly right from the fitting window.
Check out the latest SKINs devblog for details and a 3D look at dozens of SKINs.