PLEX FOR GOOD: NEPAL EARTHQUAKE RELIEF - Friday, May 1st 2015 - Friday May 15th 2015, CCP will be accepting PLEX for GOOD donations from players.

To make your PLEX for GOOD donation: - Contract one or more PLEX to the "CCP PLEX for GOOD" character on a 14-day item exchange contract.

FREE IN-GAME SHIRT - for each PLEX you donate CCP will give you two virtual in-game t-shirts:the Sisters of EVE Food Relief 'Humanitarian T-shirt YC117'

SHIP CUSTOMIZATION - The new visual customization system for the spaceships of New Eden is here! More than 100 brand new ship SKINs have been added to the New Eden Store.
Permanent and character-bound, SKINs can now be changed on the fly right from the fitting window.
Check out the latest SKINs devblog for details and a 3D look at dozens of SKINs.